KısaKes Pitching Platform is a platform which short film projects are developed in a healthy way and project owners receive feedback from film professionals. The eliminated projects' directors and/or the producers selected by the pre-selection jury are invited to the KısaKes Short Film Festival to provide a pitching to the guests and the main jury.

2018 KısaKes Pitching Platform

With the partnership of Sarajevo Film Festival, 2018 KısaKes Pitching Platform has opened and accepts its applications in 2 different categories:

  • University Student Projects and
  • Non-Age Restricted Projects

3 finalists from each category pitched their project at International KısaKes Short Film Festival which took place between 12-17 October 2018 and finalist projects will receive various awards.

Applications are open for the filmmakers from Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegoiva and Hungary.

2018 KısaKes Pitching Platform Sponsors

  • Sarajevo Film Festival
  • Kiralık Kameracım
  • PostBıyık Post Production
  • FilmLoverss
  • Bahçeşehir University

2018 KısaKes Pitching Platform Awards

Kiralıkkameracım Camera Equipments Support: Equipment support for one project to University Student and Non-Age Restricted categories

PostBıyık Postproduction Support: Color and sound support for one project to University Student and Non-Age Restricted categories

YapımLab Project Consultation Support: YapımLab Project Consultation Support to one of the awarded projects

YapımLab Producers Lab Bursary: Right to participate to Yapımlab Producers Lab to one of the awarded projects’ producer

ZeynoFilm First Submission Award: 3.000 TL to one of the awarded projects that delivered it’s film earliest

ZeynoFilm Shadow Award: 25th Sarajevo Film Festival experience with Zeynep Atakan to one of the producers of the awarded projects

FilmLoverss Media Support: FilmLoverss media support to the one of the awarded projects

World Premiere at Sarajevo Film Festival: Premiering produced film at Sarajevo Film Festival

Accreditation for Sarajevo Film Festival: Participation to 25th Sarajevo Film Festival to one of the director/producer of the awarded projects

Turkish Premiere at KısaKes Short Film Festival: Premiering produced film at 9th KısaKes Short Film Festival

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"Living City" 2017 Pitching Platform award-winning projects have received consulting services from YapımLab; shooting equipment of the films was supported by Kiralık Kameracım; media services by FilmLoverss and the post-production service (color correction) was supported by PostBıyık.


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